“Il ne faut jamais fermer les yeux à la réalité, sous prétexte de faire du droit”
(H. DE PAGE, Traité élémentaire de droit civil belge, III, Brussel, Bruylant, 1967,934.)

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Organising ‘life in a community’ presumes certain mandatory rules, which all combined form the law of the land.

Entering the judicial palace of “Lady Justice” and thus being confronted with the law of the land, implies that you could be facing all kinds of problems.

Since 2010, our law firm has been an excellent guide in finding the best way out of the judicial labyrinth and in finding the right solution for those in need.

We aim to offer legal help in reaching out-of-court resolution as well in court proceedings.

Experience has taught that no one should wait until the very last moment before having a lawyer jump in. “A lawyer, the sooner the better” has proven to be a meaningful slogan.

The possibility of a good amicable agreement is always evaluated with the client, however, if necessary, we will proceed to decisive litigation.

Private individuals as well as companies of all sizes can rely on our services. Thanks to our extensive network developed over time, we can rely on talented local collaborators and international correspondents  to help and intervene efficiently in cases in other districts.

Should you be interested or if you like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us by telephone, telefax or by e-mail.

Absolute confidentiality in our services is guaranteed..