The parties

Kris WILLOCX, with its office in 1785 Merchtem Koeweidestraat 48/0011 and registered as a company with the number 0831.477.961, is an attorney-at-law at the Brussels bar (Dutch-speaking Order) and is subject to the laws, customs and rules of professional ethics governing the profession of lawyer. When a file is opened for a client, the latter shall give their personal data to Kris WILLOCX and will also notify Kris WILLOCX of any changes that may subsequently be made to the data given. 

The contract

In entrusting it with a file or a request for a consultation, a client enters into a contract with Kris WILLOCX and is deemed to have accepted the general conditions. Any conflicting general conditions by the client will only be applicable after being expressly accepted by Kris WILLOCX in writing. The instructions given to Kris WILLOCX may be either oral or written. Kris WILLOCX undertakes to strive for the best possible result in conformity with the client's aims and to keep the client informed of how their case is progressing. The client undertakes to pass on to Kris WILLOCX any information that is useful for the development of the case. The client undertakes to pay Kris WILLOCX's expenses and fees. 

External collaboration

Kris WILLOCX is not responsible for the cases entrusted, when external associates are called on.

Expenses and fees

Save where otherwise agreed in writing, Kris WILLOCX shall apply a double hourly rate for all work done by the firm, depending on whether the work is specialised or general. This rate shall be multiplied by a factor of + (x 0.5) in the case of urgent work done or work whose outcome attains the objectives set. The outcome shall be regarded as definitive once all legal means have been exhausted. In the event of an appeal, a new agreement shall be entered into if the representation is continued.  Costs shall be charged as follows (rate as of 1 January 2014):

Opening of a file: 50€
Closing and filing of file :  25€
Copies/page: 0,35€
File of documents: 15€
Correspondence: 10€
Travel/km: 0,40€

The rates will be indexated yearly. The applicable rates can be consulted on our website 
All prices mentioned are 21 % VAT excluded.              

Conditions of payment

When a file is opened, the client must set up a provision which shall be payable on presentation of the invoice. All services provided shall be listed in an electronic timesheet which may be consulted by the client, on request, at any time. Detailed statements shall be forwarded regularly to the client. The amounts indicated in these interim statements shall be payable no later than 14 days from the date of the invoice. In the absence of timely payment default interests will be due of right and without prior notice in concordance with the law of august 2nd, 2002, counting from the date of invoice, as will as additional compensation for collection costs (which amounts to at least 15% of the invoice amount and with a minimum of 100 EUR). Payment costs shall be borne by the client. Any complaints regarding the invoice should be sent to Kris WILLOCX by registered letter within eight days after the invoice date, failing which the invoice is deemed to be accepted irrevocably. If any invoice is still unpaid, all other even invoices are immediately and integrally due. Kris WILLOCX shall be entitled to halt work in the event of non-payment after a reminder has been sent. 

Documents and archives

Clients are invited not to give any original documents to Kris WILLOCX. Where the client has not asked for it, once a file has been closed it is filed by Kris WILLOCX for a period of five years from the date on which it was closed. After this date, the file shall be destroyed without any further warning, except where the client has requested otherwise in writing. 


Kris WILLOCX has a personal liability insurance. Kris WILLOCX 's liability is expressly limited to the amount of the policy. Where the client so requests in writing, this cover may be increased, and the special conditions relating thereto shall be agreed between the parties. The client indemnifies Kris WILLOCX and all lawyers that are pat of the firm Kris WILLOCX or working on behalf of Kris WILLOCX for any claim by a third party resulting from services provided by Kris WILLOCX on behalf of the client, except in case of gross negligence by Kris WILLOCX.


The contractual relationship between Kris WILLOCX and the client shall be governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the parties shall first try to reach an amicable agreement. If this attempt fails, the Courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction except in cases where professional or disciplinary bodies may be competent to deal with the dispute. Kris WILLOCX also has the right to bring cases before the courts of the domicile or seat of the client.